Hong Kong Company Incorporation

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Hong Kong Company Incorporation
USD 1299* *starting from
  • Completed within 6 Working Days
  • Fast, Easy & with Highest Confidentiality
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support

Registration Process

Hong Kong Combines a simple low-rate tax regime with free market principles.

No restrictions on inbound or outbound investment

Hong Kong serves as a regional headquarters and business hub for the Asia Pacific region

Foreigners can invest in almost any business and own up to 100% of the equity.

Hong Kong serves as a gateway for companies looking to do business in Mainland China and mainland enterprises seeking access to global markets

Why You Should Set Up a Company in Hong Kong

Setting Up of Bank Account

Documents Needed

2 Methods to Set Up

Video Conference

The directors visit the Hong Kong banks branch in mainland China. The process is witnessed by the staff of the branch. It takes 30 working days to open an account (specifically depending on the bank’s approval time).

Personal Visit

The directors visit a bank in Hong Kong in person. Under normal circumstances, the signature documents required for opening an account can be completed on the same day. The account opening is expected to be completed within 20 working days (specifically depending on the bank’s approval time).

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